1. The environmental activities

    【Environmental philosophy】

    We contribute to "the conservation of the global environment and the protection of resources" through all activities that support a society capable of sustainable development with less impact on the environment.

    【Environmental philosophy】

    • (1)As the top manufacturer of glass containers, which use natural materials that have almost the same composition as the Earth's composition, we strive to create products and services that reduce the environmental load.
    • (2) In addition to developing organizations, systems, and documents, we will strive to promote awareness and education of employees and to improve the products and prevent contamination continuously.
    • (3)Comply with environmental laws and regulations, and other additional requirements to which we have agreed.
    • (4)As a member of the glass industry, we will contribute to the prevention of global warming by promoting efficient production and effective utilization of limited resources and energy.
    • (5)We will set and review environmental objectives and goals once a year to achieve our environmental goals, and all employees will actively participate in the activities.

    【Quality Policy】

    • 1. Achieve the highest quality that meets the needs of the times.
    • 2. We will comply with the requirements and continuously strive to improve the quality of our products.
    • 3. We review and dedicate the necessary resources annually to achieve our quality policies and goals.

Recycling efforts

Recycling efforts

The composition of the glass bottle is similar to that of the Earth.
Since we use natural materials, it is easy to recycle and excellent for the environment, and its recycling is self-contained (Bottle to bottle). The glass container is the most eco-friendly, with no emission of dioxins, environmental hormones, etc.
By using cullets (crushed glasses for recycling) as a raw material for glass bottles, we contribute to energy conservation in the process of melting raw materials as well as saving natural resources.

What are cullets?

The recycled bottles are crushed and made into the raw material for glass bottles called a "cullet." The more you use cullets, the less you use natural resources such as silica, limestone, and soda ash (resource-saving), the less time it takes to melt the raw material, thus conserving heat energy (energy saving). Besides, CO2 generated by chemical decomposition of limestone and soda ash can be reduced (reduction of global warming gas).

Major environmental conservation activities

  1. 1. Activities to reduce environmental impact

    • (1)The compressor has been updated to environmentally friendly type (low noise, low vibration, low power consumption)
    • (2)Fuel conversion (to reduce CO2 emission in melting furnaces) is realized.
    • (3)The print drying furnace has been upgraded to an eco-friendly model(electric resistance furnace)
    • (4)The cooling furnace was upgraded to eco-friendly model (energy conservation)
    • (5) Renew the forklifts from engine type (gasoline and diesel) to battery type(electric motor).
    • (6) The use of eco-friendly paints started in the painting process.
  2. 2.Waste problem

    • (1)Establish a sorting facility for general waste, industrial waste, and recycled products at major business sites.
    • (2)Collect the packaging materials of products used for the delivery with the help of customers, and realized the "Reuse" of packaging materials.
  3. 3.Useful activities

    • (1) [ Beverage vending machine] was upgraded to an eco-friendly model.
      • ・LED lighting, heat pump function and peak shift operation.
      • ・A portion of the sales amount is donated to the afforestation promotion foundation.

Awards and publication of environmental conservation activities

2004: The Best Group Award for the "Environment Fair" sponsored by Edogawa ward, Tokyo.
2004: An article "Glass container recycling system" is published in Nikkei Ecology.
2004/2006: The Best Award from the Committee for Electrical Utilization Rationalization in Kanto District.
2005/2006: Panel demonstration at Energy Solutions and Heat Storage Fair.
2008: The Award for Excellence of Shiseido Suppliers. (Environmental Application field)
2008, 2010 and 2012: The letter of appreciation from the National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization on the green donation.
2009: The case study report on OKI video conferencing system.
① Nikkei bulletin (electronic newspaper) (Feb 2, 2009)
② Nikkei MJ Newspaper (Vitalize IT Series) (Feb 16, 2009)

About certification standards

  1. (1) Environmental Management Standard (EMS) ISO14001:2015

    Headquarter, Ichikawa Plant, Osaka Sales Office, Toda Plant, Koa A.C.L. Co., Ltd., and Wako Seiki Co., Ltd. have obtained certification on the international environmental standard "Environmental Management Standard (ISO14001:2015)."
    [Registration number] E8304

  2. (2)Quality Management Standards (QMS) ISO9001:2015

    Headquarters, Ichikawa Plant, Osaka Sales Office, Toda Plant, Koa A.C.L. Co., Ltd., and Wako Seiki Co., Ltd., have obtained ISO9001: 2015 (Quality Management Standard) certification.
    [Registration number] 38888